Sean Williams

Sean learned to program when he tried to check out books on BASIC from his elementary school library – the librarian just gave him the books since nobody had checked them out in eight years. After getting a business degree at CU Boulder, he became employee #3 at Energy Acuity, where he coded their first web application product. It was quickly adopted by several big names in the energy industry. He did contract and freelance work for several years following that, including helping the Colorado Department of Labor redo their unemployment insurance web applications and working on projects for companies like Microsoft, Toyota and Business Wire. He also worked as a technical lead and project manager alongside a team at Google to launch the web presence for PeaceJam’s 1 Billion Acts of Peace campaign. In 2014, Sean moved to Los Angeles where he managed a consumer-facing team for ScoreBig’s eCommerce site. Now, he runs Prism Tech Studios with a primary focus on helping startups launch and improve new products.